Icône GORILLE Patrol


The cyber scan that protects your IT assets from dormant threats


How do I know if my computer system is infected?

Scan all your executable files,
Remove your doubts about a potential attack.


See Gorille in action


Detect and cet rid of dormant threats.

GORILLE Patrol features :

Static or dynamic analysis of your executables files

Detection of obfuscation techniques

Characterization of viruses or variants still unknown

Integration by scanning agent or agentless

Extraction of executable files

Interface 100% cloud, SAAS ou on-premise

100% cloud, SAAS or on-premise interface

Fast and reliable analysis

No interference with built-in antivirus software

No database maintenance required

Who is GORILLE Patrol for ?

Currently integrated in the SOCs of large companies, GORILLE Patrouille is aimed at CIOs and CISOs.

Nothing escapes it: GORILLE Patrouille automatically analyzes the entire system and provides a complete report to establish the state of health of the computer park.

Morphological Analysis :
the exceptional strength of GORILLE

Behind each GORILLE solution is a unique and innovative technology: Morphological Analysis.

Combining Artificial Intelligence, formal methods and reverse-engineering, this technique allows to detect unknown malwares and their variants, but also to anticipate attacks.

With no learning curve or local tuning, our solution offers unique accuracy on executable files and detects all types of attacks, even the most sophisticated.

No rest for malware.

GORILLE Patrol inspectas your computer park.

No executable file, no virus, no variant and no dormant threat escapes him.

Want to see our GORILLE in action ?