Icône GORILLE Expert


A solution for characterizing complex malware (obfuscated, dormant, etc.)


How to determine the nature of your executable files?

Adopt the reversers’ toolbox,
Boost your scans,
Don’t miss any malware.


See Gorille in action


Characterize the nature of malware in seconds and analyze it in depth.

GORILLE Expert features:

Double static and dynamic analysis

Detection of obfuscation techniques

Easy integration into your cyberworkflow (Json)

Generation of system call listings

White base & black base creation tool

Interfaces with IDA and other disassemblers

No adverse effects: the analysis is done in protected mode within a virtual machine

Binary comparison

Constitution and classification of malware families

Support for the legal attribution of a threat

Who is GORILLE Expert for?

Currently integrated in the legal process of governmental entities, GORILLE Expert also addresses reverse-engineering experts to understand and analyze the composition and origin of a malware.

Morphological Analysis :
the exceptional strength of GORILLE

Behind each GORILLE solution is a unique and innovative technology: Morphological Analysis.

Combining Artificial Intelligence, formal methods and reverse-engineering, this technique allows to detect unknown malwares and their variants, but also to anticipate attacks.

With no learning curve or local tuning, our solution offers unique accuracy on executable files and detects all types of attacks, even the most sophisticated.


Trying it is adopting it.

GORILLE Expert is a decision support tool for specialists. 

It allows you to understand the attack and set up an action plan to avoid its effects and its propagation.

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