The expert in malware analysis and characterization

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Our GORILLE protects you from malware


A perfect integration with your tools (EDR, XDR,…)


A comprehensive detection of elaborate APT or obfuscated threats


An accurate aid to understanding threats


An immediate qualification of the infection


An incomparable characterization thanks to morphological analysis

GORILLE combines morphological analysis and artificial intelligence to obtain the most accurate results, while limiting false positives and negatives.


In the antivirus jungle, CYBER-DETECT offers innovative, sharp, unique and efficient malware detection solutions.

Created in 2017, after 10 years of research and with the ambition to be a key player in APT characterization, CYBER-DETECT is today a recognized company in the cybersecurity market, which benefits from the trust of important actors in the cybersecurity field such as the DGA or the ANSSI.

We are committed to providing innovative and relevant technical solutions to help our customers meet the cybersecurity challenges they face today, and those they will face tomorrow.

Choose the best scanning method to find your computer malware

To guarantee the cybersecurity of companies, we have developed GORILLE, a solution based on the morphological analysis technique.

Much more than an antivirus, GORILLE is an innovative solution for the detection of malware responsible for attacks sophisticated enough to deceive traditional defense systems.